Top interior design trends for spring 2024: Eclectic styles, vibrant colours, plush fabrics, fruity tones and more by Akanksha Agnihotri

Let’s explore the captivating design trends that will dominate homes this spring, inviting a sense of renewal and creativity into our living environments.

From invigorating colours to sustainable materials, the trends for spring 2024 offer a blend of modern aesthetics and timeless charm. (Unsplash)

Spring is the time of the year that looks like a beautiful dream—the one you will always want to remember. The latest interior design ideas for Spring 2024 include a dramatic lighting scheme, unusual colour palettes and a comeback for chintz. This is the year of individuality, of moving away from neutrals and minimalism, and all the interior trends for the coming months lean towards this. This is great news for those of us who love all things eclectic. The interior trends come to enliven it with a dreamy aesthetic that translates the last-season vacation vibes that are still lingering in our thoughts. An artsy mix of sculptural forms, assorted textures and energized colours become the perfect throwback to this and there’s no thinking otherwise. 

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Too Many Pillows and Other Common Bedroom Mistakes, According to Interior Designers by Nina Molina

From ill-proportioned headboards to badly tucked corners, the bedroom-decorating errors design pros see most often—and how to fix them

VIVID DREAMS A kaleidoscopic quilt and offset-striped pillowcases brighten a Chenequa, Wisc., bedroom by Jessica Jubelirer. PHOTO: DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN, STYLING BY MIEKE TEN HAVE

YOUR EIGHT SOLID HOURS of sleep each night relies in part on a well-made bed, which can be a surprisingly involved affair. Shams, covers, headboards and nightstands ideally harmonize with mattress, wall colors and layout. Here, designers name the most common muddles, and advise how to do up a soothing cradle. 

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