The top workplace design trends to watch out for in 2018

Be it unconventional breakout zones, home-like comfort, or co-working spaces, these new trends are poised to break the monotony of the office in 2018.

From cubicles to open-planned settings, workplaces have come a long way. Large and small companies have started to invest and create employee-friendly work environments. With millennials and Gen Z entering the workforce, office interiors have been constantly evolving with trends like ergonomics, multipurpose furniture, collaboration etc. Modern design techniques have been incorporated in present-day offices to improve efficiency, enhance productivity, and inspire innovation.

In 2018, contemporary offices will continue to promote some of these trends as well have an inclination towards human-centered design and vitality as a theme.

Unconventional work areas

With a huge millennial and Gen Z population, workplaces need to cater to their working style and requirements. Open-planned concepts with privacy pods shaped the perfect office layout of 2017. In 2018, offices will merge eccentric and modern designs into their premises. The idea behind this is to bring colleagues together, help improve employee productivity and attract younger talent through vibrant themes and fun elements. Similar on the lines of breakout zones, unconventional spaces can comprise right from casual meeting spaces to bean bags, yoga mats, board games etc. Seating arrangements and desks will be agile and flexible with an addition of multipurpose furniture. This will ensure adequate storage and smooth functioning of work as well as declutter the area. Addition of quirky colours and informal environment will be incorporated to promote synergy.

Bringing home to work

While home offices will continue to thrive in the coming years, 2018 can bring the addition of home-like elements in a workplace design.

This idea blends in with unconventional work areas aiming to make the working environment casual. Offices can add comfortable and relaxed seating arrangements, cafeterias, game rooms, third places, and restrooms for expectant mothers etc. This trend is all about creating an atmosphere where people want to be themselves without the stress of being in a competitive environment.

Co-working workplaces – an inspiration

This form of the workplace has been considered as a paradigm shift in recent years and will endure and emphasise the value of collaboration. Co-working spaces will continue to boom in the near future with unique design elements in an open planned layout. These offices are comfortable, quirky, and loved by all, especially the younger generation. Taking inspiration from this, larger companies in 2018 can follow their footsteps by using flexible office designs, encouraging a relaxed culture, and more social interactions. Offices with larger spaces are also expected to invite smaller organisations to use their space to stimulate fresh thinking as well reduce floorplate costs.

Colours and textures

The new working generation requires a newer look and feel at their workplace. Taking a cue from last year, 2018 will continue to focus on functionality. A minimalist office with lack of clutter, streamlined layouts and more smart furniture is a trend that is here to stay. With neutral office layouts, one can experiment with textures and colours to make the area look more playful. Brand colours will always be preferred, but a dash of something new definitely helps to spruces up a space. Pantone’s colour of the year, ultraviolet, might not please everyone but one can definitely find some creative combinations from their recently released eight-trend palette. There can always be a pop of colour with unique chair fabrics, colourful storage furniture, or quirky accessories.

Green is the new black

Inside is the new outside – this concept is here to stay. Biophilic designs will continue to be the choice of the year. Investments in air units to improve air quality and larger window panes will be promoted. Offices can also add splashes of green with living walls, and water curtains to bring in the natural look and boost light levels. Overall, elements that will add greenery in a space and reduce the carbon footprint will be preferred.

Tech-driven design

Millennials and Generation Z are tech-loving people. The offices of tomorrow will invest in cutting-edge technology to provide more efficient working techniques.

Smart furniture with inbuilt electric sockets and charging ports will boom. Sensor technology, cable management, and wireless screen-sharing options will allow workers to switch their traditional working approach and boost a sense of collaboration amongst fellow employees. Another major development in workplaces can be the introduction of virtual reality and augmented reality.

The new generation is entering the workplace, and their expectations vary from their predecessors. To maintain their interest and commitment, a workplace design is critical. This can help shape any organisation’s performance. The year 2018 will aim to harmonise the environment, promote wellness, and experiment with unique techniques to instill a sense of togetherness.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Your Story.) 

Know How To Choose Best Lighting Fixtures For Your Dream Home

Gone are the days when lighting was just meant for illuminating the house. Modern day lighting plays an important role in interior designing as it not just enhances everything in a room – from the furniture, flooring, fittings to the finishes and textures, but also creates a warm, inviting and functional atmosphere in your living space. Mikita Laad Gupta, Senior Designer, Bonito Designs and Abraham Santhosh, Head Designer, Elegancia give you tips to make your home or room a beautiful showcase for your great taste:

Chandeliers: No, they are not just for lavish mansions or big houses. A chandelier can be of different shapes and sizes. This light fitting can act as a great home decor option not just as a visual treat but also for spreading the light evenly. You can hang a chandelier in the centre of your living room and it will instantly infuse a regal touch to your space.

Floor Lamps: Floor lamps are great options, especially for the living room and the bedroom, as they can easily illuminate an entire room or adjust to light up a specific area. Available in different shapes and sizes, these lamps can transform the entire look and ambiance of the room. Place these next to a cozy reading nook or a chaise-longue and immediately the floor lamps will add a classy, understated vibe to the area.

Recessed Lighting: Such lighting allows you to illuminate only the part of the room that may be necessary at a given point of time. These are generally used in larger rooms. This kind of lighting usually makes use of incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs for the purpose of illumination. Dimmers can be used to make the lights brighter or dimmer accordingly.

Fan Lights: They are a new concept where a set of lights come attached to the ceiling fans. The bulbs of these lights are especially designed to resist the vibrations of the fan. Apart from giving a bright illumination to the entire area, they are spell a unique charisma.

Skylight: Skylight is a very innovative way to bring in some natural light into a room. One can beautify it by adding certain natural elements to it. Penthouses or kids’ room are the apt places wherein they can be used very strategically. They can convert a room into a brightly-lit space by the day and a calm environ at night with the twinkling of the stars for company.

Hanging lights: These lighting fixtures are yet another great way to spruce up the ambiance. A well-chosen hanging light can take the look of your room to the next level, making it look edgy and modern. Available in many quirky designs and shapes, they generally come with adjustable cables so that one can adjust their height as per the height of the room.

Bedside lamp: Add some class and glamour to your bedroom with a vintage or a cane lamp. Not only do they take the style quotient of your room decor a notch higher, they also make your room inviting enough for you to want to unwind there after a long day at work.