How do you make a small kitchen look luxurious? Interior designers share their six secrets by Kate Santos

Half a dozen easy ways to make a small kitchen look luxurious

(Image credit: West Elm)

If you’re in need of some design inspo, learn how to make a small kitchen look luxurious. Picture the ideal luxury kitchen, and visions of open spaces flooded with natural light might come to mind. While these are often the hallmarks of luxe, they also can carry a substantial price tag.

Thankfully, in the realm of kitchen design, the essence of luxury transcends more than aesthetics. Luxury is a feeling that can be derived from a combination of many factors including spaciousness, cleanliness, premium materials, the right lighting, and elegant color palettes. 

From clever space utilization to savvy material choices, these small kitchen ideas showcase that luxury is not solely defined by the price tag but is, instead, a mindset. Luxury is about making thoughtful choices that elevate the overall ambiance and create a sense of indulgence, regardless of the amount of square footage or budget.

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8 mistakes interior designers always notice in a bathroom – and how to avoid them by OONAGH TURNER

These issues are the most common things the designers we asked spot in a bathroom, but they’re totally avoidable if you know how

(Image credit: Tom Ferguson Photography. Design Luke Moloney Architecture)

Bathrooms are difficult to design. Fact. They are spaces where form and function must be balanced – where plumbing and electrics need as much attention as those finer design details. Sometimes, it feels like a bit of push and pull to design the perfect space, so design mistakes are inevitable.

But there are some design faux pas that are glaringly obvious to the designers but might be less obvious to the homeowner. ‘Pay attention to detail, and you’ll create a bathroom that truly shines,’ recommends interior designer Rayman Boozer.

To make sure you’re not falling into the same trap, we’ve spoken to bathroom experts and designers who know a thing or two about modern bathroom mistakes. Here are 8 that should be avoided at all costs.

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