5 ways an interior designer can dramatically improve your home

It’s never been easier to DIY your home’s style. From social media inspiration to an abundance of home goods stores, there’s more products and ideas than time to pursue them all. While that’s exciting to many who have a penchant for design, most people struggle to make their home feel as perfect as they’ve envisioned it.

This is where an interior designer comes in. Designers have a knack for bringing out the best in a home within a budget, so read on if you’ve considered enlisting a pro. We spoke with Janet Graham, a Baer’s Furniture designer with 20 years’ experience, to lay out how she can help.

A designer can help you pull everything together

We all have that one room or area that we can’t ever seem to get right. Sometimes, the entire house can be a challenge if it has a strange layout or bad lighting. The right professional can balance your desires for one room with the overall feeling and aesthetic of the home to create a perfect, seamless look. To do this, it’s imperative that the designer get to know your space. “The designer needs to come out to the house to make sure she can blend the rest of the existing house,” she said. Onsite work is important, so make sure your designer is putting in some face-to-face time.

A designer knows trends better than anyone

Whether you plan on living in your house forever, or you need it to be on point only until it sells, the right designer will have a working knowledge of what’s hot, especially in your city and even your neighborhood. Graham reports that contemporary is in high demand at the moment, and incorporation of lighter colors has been going strong. Grey and tan driftwoods – along with lighter wall palates – have been popular with Florida residents. “They might want to pop a dark navy here and there, but they don’t want to overdo it,” she explained.

A designer will help you pick out the right items, whether near or far

Professional designers source materials and products from a variety of places that you might not have access to or knowledge of, even. With a pulse on where to find one-of-a-kind pieces for your home (and sometimes at special prices), this can ensure that your new space is all your own. Though this is a huge benefit to those who desire unique home furnishings, this does mean that the process can take time.

There is one exception, Graham tells us. In-stock items purchased directly from the showroom floor can arrive within days, instead of weeks. If you have anything made custom, however, or things like bedding need ordered, expect your project to take anywhere from 8-12 weeks from start to finish for a simple project and up to 3 months for a full-scale design endeavour.

A designer can help your resale value tremendously

So many home and garden experts provide opinions on what the most valuable design additions should be, but before you go converting garages or ripping out shelves, get the opinion of a designer first. Graham says that one of the best ways to increase your home’s resale value is quality interior design. Custom carpentry, for example, helps a home sell while giving homeowners in a gated community the ability to truly personalize what may be an identical home to the neighbor down the street. Unique built-ins, ceiling and wall trim and flooring can make a beautiful difference and help create demand for a home. “If your house is decorated the right way, people will just buy it the way it is,” she shared. Purchasers who aren’t confident in their own design skills – and who don’t know how to get to a look on their own – often purchase homes already staged and decorated and at a price that reflects the effort.

She warns that some design mistakes can hurt a home’s ability to sell. “People often think they can take out a closet, but that’s a mistake. There’s never enough storage here in Florida homes,” she reminds us.  Wallpaper that isn’t done correctly can also put off buyers who may only see the work ahead in having to remove something they don’t like.

A designer makes your concepts a reality

A designer’s job is to take your concepts and make them a reality. To do that, however, they are going to need some help from you. Graham suggests coming to the first meeting with some ideas in hand. She recommends that potential clients first gather some pictures, whether it’s on Houzz, Pinterest or out of magazines, and have favorites picked out from the very beginning. Anticipate the size of the project, whether it will cover just one room – or the whole home.

In the end, finding the perfect designer can be a match made in heaven. Your designer should be as excited about the results as you are, proving that a seasoned professional is all about service. When asked what Graham likes most about her job as a Baer’s Furniture designer, she doesn’t miss a beat. “People’s faces and how excited they are. That’s probably the most satisfying part of the job.” Her big reveal to happy clients is something that never gets old.

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